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Know Your Fight or Flight Mechanism

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Fight or flight mechanism takes over when we are dealing with a situation where we feel threatened or overwhelmed. It is built for us! When you see a bear while camping in the woods, escape, or run like a banshee security. The symptoms of fight or flight is caused by the sympathetic nervous system.

There are two parts of our nervous system:
  1. a beautiful piece is part of our nervous system, which allows us to run or fight.
  2. parasympathetic nervous system calms us.

We need both of these two parts of the nervous system to normal functioning in life. If the sympathetic nervous system works Amok, it can give us ulcers and panic attacks. When the sympathetic nervous system parasympathetic nervous system is paramount, as it's known as a nice ride. But what most people do not know what and most doctors do not know that this response can be initiated by the imbalance in the head or skull and imbalance compensation of the first vertebra or atlas. Even craniosacral therapists know about it. It is very new, but very deep! More potential patients and physicians learn more about what this knowledge will emerge.
Some physical symptoms of upper cervical transfer are:
  1. Pain in the upper part of the cervix.
  2. Traffic fell in the upper neck of the uterus, usually turning right or left.
  3. A feeling of fullness in the ear or ears.
  4. Dizziness
  5. Swelling around the ears, the occipital region, or swelling around the bone of the skull around the ear.
  6. Swelling and flaccidity of the occipital / atlas to join the parietal lobes, (although more common in the parietal region), both left and right.
  7. Headache, like a burning sensation.
  8. Pain in the right eye or left (but more common in the right eye, where the sun enters the orbit of the artery in the eyebrow, located within in the eyebrows).
  9. Remote disc pain in another area in the back, for example, if you press the tumor to the Atlas Mountains, bursting pain in the C5 or any other downstream area of the occipital / atlas of the region, area does not feel the performance record of the spinal cord in a more distal site. (Please note that this is the whole system hydraulic pressure on one point put pressure on another place, because the nature of fluid motion and flow.
  10. Temporal pain and swelling of the jaw joints.
  11. Pain in the temples, both left and right.
  12. Sinus pressure and pain in the entire skull.

Above are just some of the symptoms may be more physical, but the body's response to the pressure on institutions Dura-magnum in the field foreman, or craniosacral shift.

Symptoms of excessive sympathetic drive:
  1. Dizziness
  2. Stomach
  3. Anxiety
  4. Insomnia
  5. Irritability
  6. Light sensitivity
  7. Unable to concentrate
  8. Depression
  9. Muscle spasms
  10. Rapid heart
  11. Irregular heartbeat
  12. Burning  in the head and shoulders felt on the skin.
  13. Panic attacks
  14. It is difficult to take a deep breath.

In principle, all the above symptoms are due to the fact that when the configuration of shear occurs in the Atlas / area of the skull, cranial sacral pump is not working properly. If the pump does not work properly, it makes the fight or flight to "wake up". This fight or flight is the defense mechanism of the body. Nice torque system generally works with the sympathetic nervous system. By working together we have the healthy function of relaxation and alertness. We manufacture in our time, because I sleep well at night and have a normal response to stress of the day.
If we are unable to replace a beautiful, our minds have become volatile, and we over react to even small stresses during the day. When they are alone and when he is calm, the anxiety and fear may begin to worry. Many people feel the symptoms of sympathy and replace the feeling of taking drugs to get to each day, and another medication to sleep at night. I would say it is better to go to the root of the problem. So you can see above from the transfer of cervical symptoms, neck pain, it is only a small part of the image. The correction of this change can be either the life or lives of others, according to the doctor.

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