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Thyroxine Hormone Function

To read this page, the body temperature must be at a certain level. If the temperature falls or rises too much, you die. For this reason, some systems that maintain body temperature at a certain level have been created and placed inside the human body. One such system is an unusual hormone thyroxine. The body reaches a certain temperature after the 100 billion cells. We compared these cells to micro-heaters, and a single molecule, which controls the amount of heat that each micro-heater must provide a hormone thyroxine.
That in itself is strange that the cells produce a certain amount of heat as they do their job and that the total amount of heat produced by the 100 trillion cells is exactly the amount that may be necessary for humans to survive. In addition, the molecules of thyroxine to know how many cells of the warmth needed. With all this the fact that the cells on how they can work on the metabolism and increase body temperature is still a miracle of creation.
The Delicate Control Mechanism
Very advanced and organized system was created to regulate the amount of thyroxine secreted. secretion of thyroxine occurs again after all unconscious subordination of cells organized in a hierarchy very disciplined.
When thyroxine is needed, the system of the brain hypothalamic hormone - sends a command (TRH, thyroid releasing hormone) to the conductor of the orchestra of hormones (pituitary gland). After receiving instructions from the pituitary that includes the thyroid must be activated and immediately sends a command (TSH-TSH) in the thyroid. The thyroid, as the last point in this chain of command immediately releases thyroxine online and distributed throughout the body as blood.

When there is a need for thyroxine, the hypothalamus sends a command to the pituitary gland (TRH). pituitary gland, which receives the command assumes that the thyroid needs to be enabled. Pituitary immediately sends a command to the thyroid (TSH). In accordance with the contract, he immediately receives the thyroid produces thyroxine and thyroxine is distributed throughout the body via the bloodstream.
How is the amount of this hormone that is secreted must be determined? How is it that, except in case of sickness, no more or less of this hormone that is needed is excreted?
The amount of thyroxine secreted is determined by a special system created by the great art of God. This system is based on two distinct mechanisms for negative feedback and is an example of incomparable miracle of engineering design.
If the amount of thyroxine in the blood rises above normal, the hormone thyroxine creates a very interesting effect on the pituitary gland, and sometimes directly into the hypothalamus: reduced sensitivity of pituitary hormone TRH.
hormonal function is to activate TRH pituitary to send a command (a hormone TSH) in the thyroid. This command is the second point of command in the production of the hormone thyroxine.
The system is designed such that an excess of thyroxine is a very intelligent action so that the source, which is in itself did not do too much, and it is disturbing and Severe command set for its own production . Thus, when thyroxine in the blood rises above normal production of thyroxine is automatically curtains.
We can easily understand the examples: Imagine that a small intelligent machines were made in a factory. These machines were made in three steps:
  1. First Step: Production of the computer sends a command to computer B. 
  2. Step Second: B, computer translates the command into another language and sends it to computer C.
  3. The third stage: the computer C starts the desired device using a robot.
Suddenly, the production exceeds what is required and may not be able to more machines are needed. At this stage, one of the machines of the time goes to computer B and remove the cable from computer to computer B, A. Now, computer B can not receive commands from a command A. Because your production does not reach the C computer, stopping production and computers in the last action until they are exhausted. When time runs out, the cable connecting the computer to computer B through the machine and resume production.
If this were the machines that can monitor their own production and the machines that produce them so intelligently, the revolution in industry and technology will result. In every man there is such a wonderful system of production that occurs every minute.
The second system determines the amount of production of thyroxine. Increasing amounts of thyroxine affects cells of the hypothalamus. These cells reduce the production of TRH, and thus the amount of TSH secreted by the pituitary gland is reduced. In this way, the production of thyroxine is slowed.
  1. The first computer sends a production order on computer B.
  2. Computer B is the second course, she translates and sends it to computer C.
  3. The third computer C starts the device by using a robot mounted on it.

When too much time has arisen, one of these machines goes to computer B, and cuts its link with the computer A. Accordingly, the computer can not issue the command output. This situation lasts until stocks are exhausted.

In this example, the factory, it is useful to consider the other system. Effect of thyroxine on the hypothalamus and reduce the production of TSH can be compared to machines produced in our factory imagination, which slow the flow of information on this computer. Not only for communication between computer A and B, the computer is in pieces, but the computer is slow, and thus prevent the sending of commands to the computer B.
If the amount of thyroxine in the blood is reduced, the system works in the opposite direction. Other commands are sent from the computer and the possibility of computer B to receive these commands is increased. Accordingly, the hypothalamus secretes more hormones TRH, the pituitary gland becomes more sensitive to TRH, and increases the production of the hormone TSH. In this way, more thyroxine is produced and secreted.
How do you know that the hormone thyroxine command structure must be broken in order to stop its production? Since the cells of the hypothalamus know when thyroxine levels are high, the release must be stopped and if it is low, its secretion should be increased? How to improve the current system?
Think that is carefully planned system came to be by time, chance and natural law is more outside the sphere of thought of her to think that your computer or television can be formed by a similar process . For this system to function, hundreds of specially designed molecular structures of the companies (which are not described in detail) are mandatory. It is clear that this system has been created by a supreme intelligence.
Four in ten thousand molecules
The amount of thyroxine secreted is determined by the incredible system we have described above. But with all this, there is another system that maintains a remarkable level of thyroxine in the blood at a constant level during the crisis.
Thyroxine molecules are secreted by the thyroid gland in the blood and quickly became attached to particles specially designed to be transported in the blood. When you are attached to this molecule, can not perform their duties. With a thousand molecules of thyroxine, a bit of movement in the blood. It is only about four in ten thousand molecules of thyroxine, which affects the rate of metabolism in cells.
After the free thyroxine molecules into target cells, other molecules of thyroxine that the posting of transport molecules in their place. carrier molecules serve as storage tank to ensure that sufficient thyroxine is ready, if necessary.
We have seen how delicate the balance amount of thyroxine must affect the cell is regulated and the health problems that can occur when the amount increases or decreases of thyroxine. This involves a delicate balance between the four parties of ten thousand without thyroxine binding molecules. Therefore, these questions must be asked:
Who has trillions of molecules, and decided that only about four in ten thousand are needed for human health? Who has calculated that 9996 molecules for every ten thousand molecules must stand by? Who supplies that will reduce the number of these four molecules per ten thousand molecules of homelessness in the veins, and releases more molecules? Who created this amazing mathematical calculations and created the system that exists in every person ever born?

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