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Acne and Facial Beauty Problems

Acne is a fear that the problem causing the black leather comdones or face. Sometimes, the neighboring regions, namely the neck, chest and back. This event is usually only during the post-puberty. Sometimes acne in women just before the start of the cycle. Acne is divided into three sub-conditions (I) mild, (II) and moderate (III) severe.

(I) is characterized by mild acne comdones simple or black around the face. Although it is terrible, not much damage, if the state is the impact of acne. For treatment, doctors usually recommend topical application of antibacterial drugs, particularly the third generation of retinoids. Previously, simple-minded enough antibiotics, however, because the bacteria have built resistance to most drugs, the third generation of ammunition is used against acne, however slight.

(II) of moderate acne, black break the wall of the hair follicle, where they are and make the body react. Buttons filled with pus on this process, which will look awkward and are painful. There are many courses of treatment of this disease, especially systemic chemotherapy. To halt the spread of acne and check the body's inflammatory response. Force the antibiotics tetracycline are recommended here. This treatment complements retinoids (oral) and hormone therapy.

(III) a severe rash, when acne is severe, the area of infection is high and there is the possibility of healing. If this condition occurs, the buttons are big and ugly. They spread across the face uncontrollable, and often spread to the neck and back. They are very painful and unsightly. In the treatment of this disease should first stop the spread, and secondly, to avoid scarring. The most common treatment of this disease is isotretinoin, which controls most of the time acne immediately. Although this drug has the potential for many side effects, is used because it is very effective in the treatment of this disease.

Why is it bad for acne?

As mentioned above, acne affects young, the age at which you want to impress the opposite sex and this is very worrying state plan. At this stage, acne is not just a bad image, it is very painful. Once limited to black and can be easily treated, do not leave a strong impact also on the mind. However, if the acne can be seen in moderate or severe conditions, it is often accompanied by severe depression. Unfortunately, the real cause of acne has not yet been identified, although some of the factors that aggravate the conditions have been identified. It is believed that the hormones that the manner of his time of puberty plays a very important role in the increased production of sebum, which is the source of the formation of acne. To some extent, genetics and androgens play an important role in the formation of acne as well.

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