Thursday, August 5, 2010

Disminore and women

Disminore is pain before menstruation or during menstruation, to make these women can not work and had to sleep. Frequent pain in conjunction with nausea, headaches, feeling faint, irritability. Known the existence of primary and secondary dysmenorrhoea.

The exact cause of primary dysmenorrhea is not certain. Psychological factors thought to contribute significantly to the emergence of pain. Primary Disminore generally found in ovulating women with menstrual cycle. Common causes of secondary disminore is endometriosis and chronic infections of the internal genetalia.

Clinical Manifestations
Primary Disminore
1. Younger age
2. Arising after the occurrence of regular menstrual cycles.
3. Frequently in nulliparous.
4. Pain is often felt as seizures and spastic uterine
5. Pain arising precede menstruation and increased at the first or second day of menstruation.
6. There were no pathological condition pervik
7. Only occur in menstrual cycles ovulatorik
8. Often respond to treatment medikametosa
9. Examination of normal pervik
10. Often accompanied by nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fatigue and headache

Secondary Disminore
1. Older age
2. Tend to arise after two years regular menstrual cycles
3. Not related to the cycle with the parity
4. Pain is often felt continuously and blunt
5. Pain started during menstruation and increased simultaneously with the discharge of blood.
6. Associated with pelvic abnormalities
7. Not related to the ovulation
8. Often requires surgery
9. There is a pelvic abnormality

Diagnosis is made from the complaints that arise are always associated with menstruation. On suspicion of endometriosis or chronic infections should be a diagnostic laparoscopy.

Remove the first organic disorders. If there is, treat in accordance with existing disorders. In women of fertile age to start first with spasmolitik or analgesics. In the treatment of primary dysmenorrhoea is:
1. Antiprostaglandin
2. Giving progresteron course of the menstrual cycle day 5-10 to 5-25 milligrams per day. Treatment lasted  for months. After complaints of pain is reduced, given enough progesterone on day-16-25 to the menstrual cycle.

In secondary dysmenorrhea depends on its cause, namely:
- For treatment of endometriosis is carried out in accordance with the rules of the handling.
- For the infection, given antibiotics as appropriate.

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