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What The Risk Factors For Heart disease Coroner

Coronary heart disease is also known as coronary artery disease. It is a condition that refers to the narrowing of blood vessels that mainly supplies blood and oxygen to the heart. In general, tables and fatty deposits build the walls of arteries. These elements result in the blood vessels narrow.

Years, ischemic heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States and in other countries such as Russia, New Zealand, Australia and even Europe. For ten years, ischemic heart disease affects all regions in a way not previously mentioned countries.

According to the American Heart Association, approximately 15 million Americans the disease. If it is not treated and supported well enough, the same data are very likely candidates for heart attacks and ultimately death.

Risk women and men equal CHD. However, people are more at risk when you reach 40 years. Women, meanwhile, has increased the risk of contracting the disease because of age.

There are many variables that re-linked to coronary disease. Exposure to one or the other is the possibility of contraction of the disease better.

Coronary heart disease is most often associated with breathing and chest pain. As the arteries narrow, blood flow and oxygen is disturbed, causing shortness of breath, chest pain and myocardial infarction.

Sometimes symptoms of coronary disease can be very visible. However, it is possible for a patient's symptoms, which may mean the disease but show no symptoms.

Chest pain or chest is the most common symptom of coronary artery disease. The discomfort comes from insufficient blood and oxygen, which goes to the heart. Weight and type of chest pain, but can vary between patients. Patients with ischemic heart disease may experience chest pain, typical or atypical. The difference between them is their character. atypical chest pin is often strong, but it goes like this. This can be felt on the left side of the chest, back, shoulders, and even in the abdomen. A typical chest pain, on the other hand, feels heavy and is not going away anytime soon. Sometimes you need to ask for help from the rest and nitroglycerin for relief of pain. Typical chest pain is almost equivalent to coronary heart disease and atypical chest pain may be associated with another disease.

Other symptoms of coronary heart disease is fatigue, and of course, heart attack, which is considered a medical emergency. In some cases, heart attack, and is the first symptom of the disease.

Coronary artery disease may be caused by several factors. It can be triggered by genetic factors, may be caused by old age, may be caused by other conditions such as diabetes, menopause, hypertension, obesity and smoking.

People whose family members had ischemic heart disease, the greater the risk, especially if you have before the age of 50 years. In this case, coronary heart disease is hereditary.

Old age is another important factor that is associated with heart disease. Usually, after reaching 40 years, you become vulnerable to disease. The risk of coronary heart disease, which multiplies the years, is still added to life.

In some cases, coronary disease is secondary to other health conditions. Diabetes, obesity, hypertension and increased risk of heart attack. The same style of life that you caused these problems is the same factor that causes your heart disease. unhealthy lifestyles, combined with low physical activity is not a good candidate for this disease.

In the treatment of coronary disease is an effort to take medical treatment to significant changes in life. Some may require invasive procedures or non-invasive such as angioplasty, bypass surgery, medication and treatment of many others.

Angioplasty is the mechanical widening of arterial stenosis. It is often necessary for people suffering from a heart attack to open the lock immediately and the blood and oxygen to pass through.

Registry, meanwhile, more complex procedures. This is an open-heart surgery, where the blocked artery is bypassed and a healthy blood vessel is replaced as a diversion of blood and oxygen to get to the heart. Coronary heart disease in a patient can undergo several bypasses, depending on how many arteries are already clogged.

For mild cases of coronary disease, treatment with a first-line TB treatment. anticoagulants, ACE inhibitors, beta-blockers, diuretics, statins, and nitrates are often used. The most common objectives of these drugs is a relaxation of arteries and placing less strain on the heart, lower cholesterol and blood pressure checks. All these factors taken into account by the drugs are possible causes of a heart attack.

There is so much you can do to prevent heart disease from occurring. The best and most perfect, is an active and healthy life. A good balanced diet combined with regular physical activity reduces the risk of coronary heart disease wonder. From a young age is a good investment, so that when they reach 40 years, which is susceptible to diseases of age, have better protection against it.

There is no better time to adopt a healthy lifestyle than it is today. Avoid excessive drinking and smoking. Both can cause factors that make them vulnerable to disease.

Prevention is better than cure. So if you want to give you a safety device against heart disease, you should do everything to be perfect in terms of achieving optimal health. Always make healthy choices in food consumption, their actions, and your mood. He may stick to a healthy lifestyle is very difficult, but it is the only way you can stop heart disease from occurring.

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