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Preventing Recurrent Miscarriage Can Come

Like a double edged blade etched, expectant mothers who experience miscarriage suffered two wounds at once. Physical injuries and mental injuries. Not a few women who are experiencing pain, even repeatedly. If so, what is the solution?
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Easy to imagine how heavy the burden women who suffer miscarriages. Let alone repeatedly. Already then, still bombarded the outskirts of the various comments from both sides. That is not necessarily true. That's because "weak piglets," "implies a less powerful", "less rested" and other comments. mixed physical injury could hurt the related make desperate. Do not be confused, do not despair because the main thing you need to know exactly how that could happen recurrent miscarriage and also how to know early so they can be prevented.

Unbalanced Hormones
The first to be aware of indications. If you see symptoms such as rash accompanied sense of heartburn, just quickly to the doctor. With early treatment, either with the administration of drugs and bed rest, hopefully a miscarriage can be avoided. The next stage, that's the doctor who will give testimony. Cases of miscarriage is related to various factors. The content is weak according to obstetric and gynecology specialists, do not blame the uterus but there are also other causes such as hormonal imbalances that can be treated with hormonal therapy.
Through a test can be known whether someone has an imbalance of hormones or not. If the result is positive, the case of miscarriage usually can not be avoided. When the initial 1-3 months of pregnancy, the role of hormones is very important. If not balanced, resulting fetus is not growing. So, in order not recurrent miscarriage cases, it showed signs of pregnancy, those who have a history of miscarriages had immediate hormone therapy. Generally, the granting of hormone pills in early pregnancy.
If it's "less good seed", that's true because the quality of egg or sperm cells are not good enough so that the fetus is not formed normally and easily fall. Such cases often occur in women who become pregnant after age 35 years or the husband has been over 45 years. At that age, the quality of egg and sperm cells are not as good as when I was younger. But not as good seeds can also be caused by one partner suffers from chronic diseases. If pregnancy can not be sustained action is taken then that is a research physician. If that's the first miscarriage, handled should really clean. If not, will make the next pregnancy is difficult. Curette actions that are not really clean will lead to the existence of tissue remained. In such conditions as if the brain continues to receive a signal that she is still pregnant. As a result, the egg can not grow anymore.
In order to be pregnant again may be commercialized by undergoing curette again to remove remaining tissue. That way the egg is expected to grow fast again. According to experts, gynecology, if the miscarriage is only cleaned with just such improvised fingers tend to cause problems. In addition, the remaining network also lead to infection. Disturbances in pregnancy can also because the growth of cysts or benign tumors in the uterus that interfere with placental attachment. It is feared, the placenta is not getting enough blood shipments rations so that the fetus can only survive until the age of 2-3 months. Miscarriage at 2-3 months of age also can not be avoided if pregnancy occurs outside the womb, the fetus due to the fallopian tubes attached to the channel.
If a woman miscarried several times before but never managed to give birth could be due to a lot of scar tissue or connective tissue at the site of attachment of the placenta. This happens because when the first child it was poorly cleaned. As a result, blood that is sent to the placenta is inadequate. Even before the developing fetus because they do not wilt or less get the food supply. Actually, the placenta was clever to find a good place and safe. But this trend may not occur and it becomes a problem. In addition, different problems will emerge during the first pregnancy when her mother's cervix rupture. Because, in the next pregnancy the cervix is not strong anymore fetal weight-bearing which is increasingly large. Such cases are usually resolved by way of the cervix with a suture hook Shirodkar - like a bag of money that way long ago closed by pulling the end of the rope. Pregnant women who have experienced this kind of action is not recommended to do coitus between husband and wife during pregnancy. Entrapment that will last until it came time to give birth.
How about the news of the many women miscarry because of the virus in cats or bird droppings, called by toksoplamosis. In fact the pregnancy is interrupted virus, herpes, or toxo whether it can be said is still rare. More miscarriages caused by inflammation of the cervix or vagina due to a germ. But there is no harm if a pregnant woman is always on guard against any attack. One of them is not recommended for pregnant cats. This is not without reason because we know that cats are the true landlords of the parasite Toxoplasma, the disease causes toxoplasmosis. Sexual life cycle of the parasite Toxoplasma place in the intestine of cats and ended with the formation of oocysts - Rounded large cysts containing two small cysts which when broken will release the active parasites. Oocyst and then spread through cat feces. A cat can spend about 10 million oocysts per day for two weeks in the stool.
In addition to preventing contaminated with cat feces, pregnant mothers are also advised to avoid eating raw vegetables are not washed and is recommended only consume meat that is cooked until completely cooked. That showed symptoms when infected with toxo usually only in the form of enlarged lymph nodes, generally on the back of the neck and a slight fever, or does not show the slightest symptoms. What also needs to watch out for is if the virus rubella (German measles). Rubella is only making the sufferer feel a mild fever and red spots out. But do not be considered lightly when rubella to attack pregnant women. Without felt, until the fetus can be infected through the placenta. Until the contamination risk if the virus did not light. Pregnant women can experience miscarriage, infant defects, premature birth and even death. When a virus known to be infected during pregnancy, the doctor will usually only able to give medications, plus advice for sufferers to consume nutritious food and vitamins necessary to increase endurance. But that does not guarantee the fetus remains healthy.

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