Wednesday, August 25, 2010

How To Make The White Teeth

Whitening Program has been clinically proven to whiten teeth safely and effectively. With this program, you should see an overall difference in the shadow of 7-10 days. Your teeth are getting better, and you'll be sure your smile.
The program is supervised tooth whitening whitening treatment is initiated in the dentist's office. The process is completed is at home. The program is a two step process which involves the manufacture of Custom Fit Mouth bleaching in our office. Wearing the mouth with patented whitening gel at home.
What causes tooth discoloration?
The color may be the result of genetics, accidents, medication, poor oral hygiene, aging, or a combination of these factors. The spots may be present on the tooth surface or inside of the tooth.
This is safe for you?
Used under our supervision, this procedure is safe and will not harm enamel or gums. safety program is supported by numerous studies.
How effective is it?
A change in color can be achieved in just four days. In most cases, however, the treatment is completed within ten days.
As long as White Teeth stay?
Once you have adequate lighting is achieved, the research and experience shows that generally the result of fading of the last 6 months to 3 years. Trim bleaching can be performed two to four times as needed.
Porcelain Veneers
Even subtle changes in your smile can be a marked difference in how the look and the social point of view!
Dental veneers are an excellent remedy for various cosmetic dental conditions that affect the appearance of front teeth. color durable and stable, veneers are, in many cases the best way to restore the natural function and beauty of your teeth, so that you can trust with a smile! Veneers, usually made of porcelain, are thin, semi-translucent "shell," custom made to fit exactly on existing tooth. They are permanently bonded, held in place by a special resin that sticks to the back of the veneer on the front tooth. The end result is very strong and durable. Although facets are not appropriate for every patient, are an alternative for different cosmetic dental conditions affecting the front teeth, including:
  • Diastemas final (between teeth)
  • Restoring broken or chipped teeth
  • Covering Unsightly, stained or washed
  • Bleaching teeth discolored or permanently
  • Correcting uneven or crooked teeth.

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