Monday, August 16, 2010

Some Sex Positions Which Increase The Chances of Conception

There are several sexual positions that increase the chances of conception, there is no other, reducing the chances. Let the elements that will increase your chances, and why.

The missionary position
Many people believe that the missionary position, with the man at the summit, offers the best success in trying to get pregnant and there are not many reasons. This position allows deep penetration during love-making, which in effect moves the sperm closer to the neck of the uterus into the vagina. There are also some changes to the way a woman with a pillow under your hips to maximize the exposure of sperm into the cervix.

Rear Input
Man falls to women from behind. This position also allows the introduction of sperm closer to the cervix.

Located next to the
This position is often more relaxing, and easing the load on each partner. This position is also often better for partners who are overweight or suffer from back pain.

Positions that do not support design
Experts recommend that it be kept out of positions that could lead to a woman standing on top of, or in those positions do not allow the movement of sperm so easily into the neck of the womb, as they be against gravity.

There are also those who recommend that women in his bed until half an hour later, the love of her hips raised. This allows the sperm more time to travel to the fallopian tubes, the added weight again, and fertile eggs.

There is also a myth that a woman must have an orgasm is the concept - it is actually wrong. Although no research activity, implying that the waves that can accompany an orgasm may be involved in sperm movement closer to the uterus and fallopian tubes, it is not for a woman to orgasm .

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