Friday, August 13, 2010

Mental Retardation That May Occur On Our Children

What is mental retardation?

It is useful to know what is the first interview. Intelligence is a way to describe a person's ability to think, learn and solve problems. Mental retardation is when someone is lower than average intelligence.

People with intellectual disabilities may have difficulty learning and may take longer to see if they are social skills. As in the interaction with society, making friends, etc. People with mental retardation, sometimes certain cases, can not take care of themselves and need help.

Sometimes children who have mental retardation or abuse of ridicule. This is unfortunate because nobody likes to feel isolated and unloved. A person with intellectual disabilities are still people and should be treated with kindness everyone. They want to be like other children, adults and youth.

About mental retardation, needs help in school, learn and behave. Some people life skills. Who is a skill they can use when they are older, so for example a bus or get to work. With all this help and kindness, more and more with mental retardation are able to maintain and live on their own.

What are the causes of mental retardation?

Mental retardation is caused by some damage or injury to the brain, the problem is not to prevent or allow the brain to the farm or grow normally. Mental retardation is not a disease. Many times we do not know why a person of mental retardation. These problems can occur when the baby grows inside its mother during childbirth or after childbirth.

As the child grows

If we become ill during pregnancy can cause problems with your child, such as mental retardation. Some drugs are OK to take when a woman is not pregnant, can cause serious problems if a woman takes them when he has a child. A woman can also put your child at risk of mental retardation or beverages or drugs during pregnancy here.

Mental retardation is a genetic problem they might receive, or someone in your family a. Like their grandparents, parents or grandparents and so on .. So it could be genetic.

During childbirth

If there is a problem during childbirth so that the child's brain does not receive enough oxygen can cause mental retardation.

After the birth of a child

Sometimes a child is born without problems, but it has a serious infection, a small child. Infections in the way the brain develops. In the case of a serious head injury occurs may also cause mental retardation in infants and older children.

How do doctors know if someone has a mental retardation?

Doctors know that the person's mental retardation by examining how the person thinks and solves problems, the type of IQ test. If the child or the child is mentally retarded positive, doctors and other staff meet with the family to know what help is needed. Like your parents, taking as tutoring or hurt in the subject, like math or English.

Is mental retardation be prevented?

Sometimes, mental retardation can be avoided, but not always. There are several tests that can be done if someone is at risk of having a child with the disease, including mental retardation as a condition. When a woman is pregnant, it is important that these healthy foods and avoid alcohol and drugs. And after birth, blood tests are performed to verify some problems. Some of these problems can cause mental retardation, but they are treated immediately, mental retardation can be avoided. There is an increased risk of health problems such as mental retardation, if a pregnant woman drinks or takes drugs, smokes, and all the options mentioned.

It is also important for children to care that they are not a headache. Children must be safe so as not to damage the head with things like gangs. The same applies to older children in the car seat belts and helmets in sports, if any.

What it means to have mental retardation?

"Like all children, people with mental retardation want to develop their skills according to their abilities. They have to go to school, play and feel the support of family and friends love the property. What can you do? " If you know someone who has mental retardation, being a friend!

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