Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ways of Lowering Bad Cholesterol

Cholesterol Truth - good and bad
There are really two types of cholesterol, which are not well known, for people who misinterpret something bad. HDL cholesterol is the name of good and evil is called LDL. The blood of too much LDL causes atherosclerosis in the arteries. At the time, blood has a difficult time traveling arteries, because it becomes a narrow opening, the amount of bad cholesterol in it. Dietary cholesterol is not offender as having high cholesterol in the blood. This is a fairly large amount of saturated fat Tran, who is to blame for the widening of the arteries. To keep the cholesterol down, eat lots of food unsaturated fat and fibrous, and exercise often.

Cholesterol and Their Significance
Every adult should have their cholesterol checked at least once every five years. When a cholesterol test, you can usually get four different results. Here are 4 categories and you want a healthy range to be in.
  • Total cholesterol - less than 200 mg / dL (5.2 mmol / L)
  • LDL cholesterol - less than 100 mg / dL (2.6 mmol / L)
  • HDL cholesterol - greater than 40 mg / dL (1.0 mmol / L)
  • Triglycerides - less than 150 mg / dL (1.7 mmol / L)
Are you above or below the level required in each category, there is generally shown a change in diet or exercise is required.
Protect your heart with vitamin E
Vitamin E is an important vitamin in leafy vegetables, nuts and vegetable oils. It was previously believed that the addition of vitamin E may reduce the risk of heart disease, but numerous studies in recent years have shown that the additive does not prevent heart attacks or strokes.
The lowering of cholesterol with these five foods
  1. Oats and oat bran: they contain a large amount of soluble fiber, which can lower LDL.
  2. Fish: Fish are a great source of omega-3 fatty acids which reduce LDL and HDL raises.
  3. Nuts : Nuts are not only rich in fiber but contain healthy fats, which should be of LDL in check.
  4. Phytosterols : This is in foods such as margarine, salad dressing, orange juice, biscuits and functional. 2 grams a day lowers LDL by 10-15%.
  5. Self: This popular replacement for meat can lower LDL by up to 3%.
Ford benefits of plant sterols
Granola bars, distributed Benecol, milkfat Vitatop free and muffin tops are excellent sources of food, which also have large amounts of plant sterols in them. If you want to help your heart, it can be done by eating foods rich in plant sterols, and stay away from saturated fat-rich foods. But we can not abandon the regime responsible for saturated fat. To keep cholesterol in check to ensure they stay mad at the bottom, you need to do often and eat healthy.

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