Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Insomnia Happened to Most People

Are you one of those who have trouble sleeping dark after night? If so, it can be for any (or all) of the following reasons:

Trying to sleep
It's true, trying to sleep is one of the biggest reason that effectively protects against sleep. That's because you have conditioned your brain to not "sleep" when you go to bed. Therefore, the easiest way to fall asleep to retrain the brain to sleep, but lie down.

Fear insomnia
Did you know that not having to worry about getting enough sleep is the worst thing you can do at night? So tonight when you go to bed, if you're asking if we have another bad dream, only think what? Worst of all, what happens? Do not make a big problem, it will be easier to relax and before you know it, you'll be asleep.

Your concern Night Away
You do not suffer from depression, to find themselves worrying all night in bed, whatever the problem lies in its wake, it is generally much less problematic in the morning. It may then become a permanent association of initial concern, but turn on the light outside. The trick is to replace the bad association with an automatic habit of falling asleep instead.

Yielding to fatigue
The trap that many people are at the beginning is easy, taking things as they are feeling tired. The problem is the cycle known as the body temperature. During the day, as the issue of energy, increased body temperature and feel awake. However, if you have a healthy sleep cycle, body temperature begins to drop at night, you can start yawning and drowsiness. That will not happen with insomnia, the temperature does not rise high enough in the day or night, a drop of water, causing fragmented sleep. The answer is to do during the day to raise the temperature of the body, then as a pendulum, then drops to be lower during the night to get to sleep.

Spending too much time in bed
A popular myth that maintaining a healthy lifestyle, everyone needs eight hours of sleep each night. The fact is that about 20% of people actually, very well on six hours or less per day. Often when the patient had a bad night, you can press the snooze button in the morning to try to do it for hours. What does it interfere with the biological clock and the sleep cycle is inserted. The next time you go to bed on time, it is too early for her biological clock, you do not get them to sleep and you start to worry, the cycle begins again.

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